Who are we


INHOM is a small family company, which since 1997. preserves and develops technology for the production of Beloslav glass.

The company is constantly expanding its activities by:

  • develops and markets innovative products
  • preserves and promotes the history of glass in Bulgaria, through the management of the Museum of Glass, located in the production base
  • supports the initiative of the Beloslav Glass Foundation to preserve the last Bulgarian submarine Slava and turn it into a museum



  • Production of small bottles for perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol and spices.
  • Technical glass – according to the customer’s size.
  • The production of unique small-batch hand-blown products, souvenirs and forms has been preserved.
  • Production of glass composite reinforcement and mesh
  • Production of foam glass granules
  • Production of glass microspheres
  • Production and distribution of flame retardant liquid “Flamex”
  • A museum of Beloslav glass has been built on the territory since 1893 with a live demonstration.
  • It has built its own RES – energy serving only the needs of production

The production base of INHOM

Is located in the town of Beloslav – 20 km west of Varna, on the shores of the navigable canal between Varna and Beloslav lakes. The company has the necessary machinery and equipment to market quality and effective products, and is constantly looking for methods to develop new, innovative products.