What is Glass composite reinforcement and mesh

Extremely strong non-metallic fittings

  • It is made of fiberglass threads connected with epoxy resins

Wide application

  • Used in industrial, civil and road construction

What are the main advantages of glass composite reinforcement and mesh

  • 8 times lighter than metal
  • dialectric (non-conductive), magneto-transparent and radio-transparent
  • does not corrode
  • service life – over 80 years

What is the application

The technical characteristics of our product allow its use in industrial, civil and road construction, in the reinforcement of bridges and facilities, construction of airports and structures laid during their operation the effects of corrosion in a highly aggressive environment.

Why choose glass composite fittings and mesh

  • saves up to 90% during transportation due to its light weight and small volume
  • educes the cost of construction sites – non-metallic reinforcement has a smaller diameter than that of metal
  • Rich variety of sizes

Dimensions of composite reinforcement:

⌀4 mm, ⌀6 mm, ⌀7 mm, ⌀8 mm, ⌀10 mm, ⌀12 mm, corresponding to the metal ⌀6 mm, ⌀8 mm, ⌀10 mm, ⌀12 mm and ⌀16 mm.

Transport packaging:

  • On the hoop: at the customer’s request from ⌀4 to ⌀8 – up to 100 m.
  • On rods: at the customer’s request ⌀10 mm and ⌀12 mm – up to 12 meters.

Network dimensions:

⌀2, 3 and 4 mm have holes 5/5 cm; 5/10 cm; 10/10 cm, corresponding to the metal ⌀4, ⌀6 and ⌀8 mm.

Transport packaging of rolls:

  • up to 50 m at the customer’s request

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